Donisha Adams

Donisha Adams

Donisha Adams is a Washington, DC native thats keeps her poetry book in one hand and a Thesaurus in another. She is a poet by nature and a dedicated and spirited journalist by trade. She believes that "life is a work of art. Some people love it and some people hate it, it's just all in your perspective."

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Published in Creative Writing
Tuesday, 03 March 2009 13:52

Have you seen the little boy who chases the dead?
Have you seen the little boy?
I said
Well, I have.
He only comes out at night
And wears a ghastly look.
--such a fright.
Something has h-i-m shook.
Face shriveled up as if he’s seen a ghost

I'm the real thing--stereo/
By now, I thought you would've heard my song pumping through the speakers/
Why didn't it reach ya?/
Different station I guess/
People always want mo' fo less/
My anger builds when REAL music goes unappreciated./
I guess I overestimated/