The White Blue-Collar Influence on the 2012 Election

Wednesday, 27 June 2012 19:48 Written by  Sydney Corryn

It’s no secret that President’s Obama’s bid for re-election will be a very tight race. He’s managed to weather rocky storms such as the stalled economy, his foreign policy agenda and most recently announcing his support for same-sex marriages.

His stances and choices have drawn not only critics from the Republican camp, but his own people as well. Rev. Al Sharpton and other civil rights activists were not impressed with President Obama’s delayed response in the Trayvon Martin tragedy. African-American religious leaders didn’t take kindly to the president’s stance on gay marriage, something that is considered an abomination in the Bible Regardless of past disappointments, black communities will continue to rally behind the president’s effort to lift America like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

This year, election falls into the hands of blue-collar Americans who were swing voters in the 2008 election. Those voters typically favor GOP policies because of their attempt to protect American biblical values, tough opposition to government interference and personal freedom and, of course, undercover prejudice.

Blue-collar voters are typically Caucasian middle to lower-class American voters who often are brainwashed by their narrow mindset. One of the biggest issues with this category is their perception about minorities-mainly Hispanic and blacks. This is evident in their support for unfair immigration and social welfare agenda.

It’s an issue based on ignorance and relying on television’s stereotypical portrayal of brown people and their socioeconomic barriers. When over half of the country’s minority population reside within urban cities while the other races live in plush suburbs or quaint small towns, it’s hard to forge relationships with other races. The swing voters are not educated on the true Negro or Hispanic experience in white dominated America. It’s not just skin color, but other factors such as financial policies, financial aid regulations and the ever-widening gap in our education system that merely traps brown communities in projects and earning meager wages.

As we near toward November, it will be vital for Obama’s campaign to connect with blue-collar Americans. It’s important to remind blue-collar Americans who have been victims in the unemployment crisis that it was Obama who extended the unemployment benefits. The Democrats are the individuals focused on revitalizing social and welfare programs instead of completely cutting off the poor. Government assistance isn’t merely a handout for the uneducated, but a hand up for those who desire to improve their lives.

The 2012 election is the most critical than ever. America, once a powerful leader despite its questionable acts of integrity has fallen short of its global expectations. Citizens of the red, white and blue are plagued with unemployment, thousands of home foreclosures and pocket-draining medical bills. President Obama’s second term depends on if blue-collar voters opens their eyes and become honest with themselves about the true future of America.

Sydney Corryn

Sydney Corryn

Sydney Corryn is a recent graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a degree in journalism. Her interests range from socioeconomic problems, culture, traveling, dysfunctional political campaigns, and of course, Chicago's nightlife. She hopes to use her communication skills and passion for community issues to create a career for herself.  She will be teaching English in Chile for six months starting the end of June, 2012.

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