Kristin D. Williams: Not Just a Pretty Face

Friday, 03 May 2013 22:09 Written by  Nicole Goodnight

“Who is Kristin D. Williams?” was the question I was asking myself when I read a business spotlight on her on As I was reading the article on this young savvy business woman, I had a “light bulb moment” and said, “There's more to her story and I must find out on my own.” As I searched, I found that Kristin’s business (Fame Production Group) was based out of the Chicago-land area, I immediately researched her background, her niche and services, and instantly shot her an email. I knew that she was more than a pretty face: She was a BOSS and that GlossMagazineOnline had to get the full story. With clients such as Miller Coors Latino and Harvard Business School under her belt, Kristin is next up!


A Memphis native with a charming southern belle demeanor and strong foundation, Kristin has always been a go getter. A Howard University graduate with experience in investment banking, she was polished and trained amongst the best to gain the knowledge and discipline that it takes to become an entrepreneur. Being disciplined is what she was, confidence is what she had and drive was her force when she decided to leave her six-figure job to start Fame Production Group, a digital marketing company, from the ground up.

“I was nervous because my quality of living would have to change. A lot of people make decisions blindly, but l gave myself two years with a thought out––it takes time and a strategy,” she said.

Fame Production Group is a full service integrated marketing firm, helping clients build their brands through use of digital media solutions. They help their clients achieve goals through dynamic branding campaigns and effective marketing communications. Through her experience in investment banking, Kristin was accustomed to sleepless nights and paying close attention to detail and closing deals for blue chip clients. However, she also knew that her calling was not limited to that. Fame Production Group started small, but through Kristin’s vision, her business has flourished in a mere two years.

“I did not have the luxury of having clients beating down my door when I first started, I decided to build my brand organically,” she comments.

What did Nicole from GlossMagazineOnline have to ask Kristin in this interview? Here are some highlights:

GlossMagaineOnline (GMO): Who is your most enjoyable client?

Kristin: Six Brown Chicks. I love their whole movement and we have grown to become family. I feel like you must stand behind and represent brands that you support and believe in. I have had clients that I let go because I could not stand behind what they wanted to promote. The Six Brown Chicks are enjoyable because of what they do––I love it and it’s not a chore to work with them.

GMO: What is your hardest business lesson that you had to learn?

Kristin: As an entrepreneur in the beginning I was not as confident in my value because I was ‘young’. I learned to stand behind my brand because I had a quality work product. You cannot let your insecurities take over your success. Your work product should speak for itself no matter how young you are, what race you are or your gender. People recognize a valuable product. Think about it, does Louis Vuitton or Christian Louboutin ever have sales? No, because they know their value and they can stand behind their brand.

GMO: Where do you want Fame Production Group to go in five years?

Kristin: I would like for my offices to be bi-costal and have an international brand. I would like for Fame to have an event planning division where we expand to concerts, and high-end lifestyle luxury events. (Since the interview, Kristin has launched Fame Events, an event planning and marketing agency for the lifestyle, hospitality, beauty and entertainment industries – I also desire to empower other people, specifically my employees. I want all of my employees to grow with our company, obtaining skills across various areas of marketing.


Now on to girl talk…..

GMO: How is dating the scene? Are men intimidated by your success?

Kristin: Well, I don’t even know. Most men that approach me have a lot of confidence so I'm not sure. (Laughs) I’m a southern woman, and I like cooking and cleaning, so I try not to let my success take over my relationship. I just believe in having someone who is supportive in all that you do.

GMO: Is there any advice you want to give to ladies who are dating?

Kristin: Balance!! You don’t want to work so much or be such an ‘independent’ woman that you can't show your appreciation for a man. Every man needs to feel like they are needed. That doesn’t necessarily mean asking him for material things, it means making him feel like he has a place in your life. I think that it is important and a lot of women forget that.

GMO: Do people use being a woman of color in the business against you?

Kristin: I think a lot of my clients recognize and relate to me having a variety of experiences in life. I think being exposed to various cultures and traveling has allowed me to be able to know a little bit about a lot of things. As a woman of color it is important to be cultured in order to relate to all demographics.

GMO: What’s your advice for someone young getting into the business?

Kristin: I would say ‘go and get your groceries.’ I learned this concept from one of my freshman orientation teachers at Howard University. He told us of a time where he went to the grocery store. He had a great recipe that he wanted to try out in the kitchen. He went to the store, retrieved all the ingredients he needed. He checked out, paid for the groceries and bagged them - only to walk out the store, leaving all of his groceries behind. I apply this concept to young people who may be in school or currently in Corporate America who have the desire to pursue entrepreneurship. There are many resources at these places that you should take with you before delving into entrepreneurship. Acquire additional skills, build your knowledge in particular areas, seek out mentors. ‘GO AND GET YOUR GROCERIES!’ Never leave a place of work or an opportunity with nothing to take with you. Learn, soak in and use all that you can as a stepping-stone to get to the next place in your life.

More than just a pretty face, Kristin D. Williams and Fame Production Group will continue to take Chicago and the world by storm. She is the face behind some of the premier events in Chicago. Kristin has shown that she understands the importance of digital marketing and media in the tech world that we live in today. To learn more about Fame Production Group visit her in the digital world and witness the movement.

Twitter: @afameproduction



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