Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Friday, 15 June 2012 20:29 Written by  Diamond C. Latchison

With Father’s day coming up, usually around this time people are in a frenzy because they’ve procrastinated too long. Don’t fret, I am victim of that as well, but no biggy, right? Unlike mothers, a father’s requirement for a gift may be more practical. Well, most father’s anyway. Either way, there should be no stress when shopping for that perfect gift this Father’s Day. I’m going to give you some ideas and you can start from there. Let’s get started!


1. Think of your father’s hobbies or interests. This is the simplest idea because if you know your father’s hobbies and interests, it should be a piece of cake. For example, if your father likes boats or cars, or likes working on them, give him a model of a boat or car. Heck, give him a real boat or car if you have the money for it. If your father has love for animals like cats, dogs, lizards, or any other animal, get it for him or you can get a statue of it from the mall or a discount store.

2. Dads like to smell good, too! Just like women love perfumes and oils, guys love cologne. You can get name brand cologne like Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Christian Audigier(Ed Hardy), and others at Macy’s or other popular department stores for less than $100.

3. Get some clothes and shoes. Just like the cologne, you can go to Macy’s, JC Penny, Men’s Warehouse, Foot Locker, and other department stores. You don’t have to spend your whole life savings. You can get top name brand clothes and shoes like Polo, Ed Hardy, Oscar De La Renta, Jordan’s, Nike, and RocaWear at bargain prices if you’re running a little low on funds.

4. Jewelry! Now, you can never go wrong with jewelry. Get your dad a bracelet or a new watch from the previous stores I’ve mentioned. Dad’s need to floss too!

5. A simple Father’s Day Card! You can get some colored paper and make a card yourself or you can go to Hallmark, Barnes & Noble, or K-Mart and get a Father’s Day card. Nothing says, “I love you” like a Father’s Day card to show your love and appreciation for him.

Happy shopping and Happy Father’s Day!

Diamond C. Latchison

Diamond C. Latchison

Diamond C. Latchison, an intern at GMO, attends school at Columbia College Chicago. She majors in magazine journalism with a minor in creative nonfiction writing. In her spare time, the St. Louis-native enjoys writing stories and poetry and reading books and magazines.

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