Raheem DeVaughn Makes a Love Connection with Chicago at Community Festival

Thursday, 29 August 2013 16:25 Written by  Iya Bakare

R&B/soul artist Raheem DeVaughn wooed and moved Chicago as he headlined the city’s 2nd Annual Westside Music Festival in Douglas Park on Saturday. After a three year stint absent from the scene, the performance of his previously recorded songs and tunes from his latest project A Place Called Loveland confirmed the songwriter hasn’t lost his expressive touch – in his music or for people. He reassures he continued to work on his music and other parts of his brand, including his interactive radio show where he features independent artists and stimulating ‘grown folk’ discussions.

The Chicago Westside Music Festival works to provide an environment where music lovers can enjoy free musical concerts during the summer. With the focus of using music to join communities in the west side of Chicago and build a connection between generations throughout the city, Raheem says he recognizes the need for this initiative and stays informed of issues that affect the city’s youth. As the son of jazz cellist Abdul Wadud, the East Coast native also says he identifies with the need and desire to use music as a form of expression.

“The youth is in a state of emergency and it’s a call for help,” Raheem comments. “As musicians and artists, we are messengers and prophets. I can’t tell Chief Keef or Lupe Fiasco what to write or rap about. At the end of the day, music is art. Whatever your truth is, tell it. But, be able to own it.”

The soul crooner owns his truth as he candidly admits his inspiration behind his music. From his love for women of all shapes and sizes to his passion about social issues, Raheem’s emotional ballads and social conscious hits tell a story of something near to him. His fourth and upcoming LP reflects the lover side of him, he says.

“I don’t believe in making corny music,” the three-time Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter adds. “Artists can be socially conscious and can be soulful without being corny. “It’s about finding new ways to tell a story.”

A Place Called Loveland is currently available on iTunes and will be out in stores on Sept. 3. For more information on Raheem’s music and his radio show, visit his website at www.raheemdevaughn.com.

Follow him on Twitter at @Raheem_Devaughn.

For more information on the Chicago Westside Music Festival, visit www.chicagowestsidemusicfestival.com

Follow it on Twitter at @CHIWestSideFest.



Photo courtesy of Chicago Westside Music Festival.

Iya Bakare

Iya Bakare

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