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Friday, 12 October 2012 16:51 Written by  Iya Bakare

Cha’rron Davis, also known as C. Chic, adorns many bonnets within Chicago’s fashion industry as a writer, author, ghostwriter, event planner, media and marketing guru, stylist and a philanthropist. As editor-in-chief of www.cchicchicago.com, Cha’rron blogs about some of the most urbane social events in her hometown. She collaborates with local designers to plan affairs and uses her talents to support local charities. Ironically, the writer who studied English literature says she never imagined her brand would expand to what we see today.

“I always loved fashion and wanted to celebrate Chicago designers with my own boutique, but I didn’t have a business plan for all of this at first,” she admits.

With no set career path after college, Cha’rron says she surrounded herself with influencers and entrepreneurs, who served as mentors to her. As she started to attend events for fun and continued to utilize writing as an outlet to express herself, the Country Club Hills, Ill. native says she created her blog that married her love of writing and fashion. After she officially became an author in July 2011, Cha’rron says she expanded her brand as she saw other opportunities for growth.

In 2007, the writer says she started writing her first book, Karma is My Bitch, but it wasn’t until 2011 she decided to release it. Through her blogging, she found characters to develop the fictionalized tale. The same year, she released her second novella, Moirai, a sequel to her previous work. In March 2013, the author will release her latest book.

“My books use characters that are inspirations from experiences in my daily life,” Cha’rron adds.

Another role that is a part of this media maven’s life is motherhood. She skillfully balances the life of living her dreams as an entrepreneur and spending time with family.

“That’s why I wanted to be my own boss because I wanted to have time for family, especially my daughter [Destiny],” she comments. “I ask for her advice on certain things and she’s an integral part in what I do.”

Although Cha’rron says she aspires to branch out to other parts of the country to cover events, her current focus relies on providing services to Chicago designers and entrepreneurs.

“I look forward to expanding my business as I bring stylists and PR reps on board as extensions who will continue the brand of my company,” she says. “I want to establish my company as a reputable one people can trust and to be a specialized, local organization.”

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Iya Bakare

Iya Bakare

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