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Sunday, 06 May 2012 17:16 Written by  Frances Moffett

Sister entrepreneurs Morae Ramsey-Davis, Milan Ramsey and Nikki Ramsey have paid their dues in the fashion and modeling industries, and with their new business venture—Rich, Fly & Fabulous—they are hoping to build a fashion empire. They’ve already established themselves as style experts who have their fingers on the pulse of what’s hot—this is accredited to their more than 10 years of experience modeling, acting, walking in runway shows for top designers like Akademiks, Betsey Johnson and Nicole Miller, and being featured in music videos with international hip-hop superstars like Jay-Z, Pharrell and 50 Cent.

Their new online boutique ( caters to fashionistas who love celebrity-inspired looks and high-end accessories. (GMO): How did the online boutique,, come about?

Morae: developed out of a need to clear out our wardrobe closets due to the fact that we were all going to be living in different states. There were so many fabulous things that had been left unused and unworn from our photo shoots and from clients at our styling studio. We decided to sell all of the things that were still in pristine condition online. That somehow transformed into a full-blown online shopping boutique and was born!

GMO: What types of styles will the site feature?

Morae: For now we’re only featuring accessories; however, we plan to incorporate designer clothing by this fall. When I shop for different looks and styles, I like to keep our demographic in mind (which is women ages 17-35 and some additional age groups depending on taste and style). We have something for everybody. Our collections are super affordable, ranging from $40 to $300.

GMO: How is different from other online boutiques?

Morae: is a celebrity-inspired brand. We pay attention to what's hot, what's in, what celebs are wearing. Anything that you've seen on a celebrity or reality star, we have it! If we don't have it, we'll get it right away. I live in the Los Angeles fashion district, so … we can have what our customers are asking for overnight.

GMO: Besides accessories, will the site have any other features?

Morae: Yes, one great feature is our personal styling services. Our styling services are going to be extended to our online customers. We can still be booked as personal stylists through our website.

GMO: Let’s talk about The Paper Dollz. How long have you been in business and what services do you offer?

Morae: Paper Dollz Production, LLC, is a fashion styling and image development company, and we’ve been in business since 2005. We style everything from big name celebrities and runway shows to photo shoots and small weddings. We provide everything—hair, makeup and fashion styling.

GMO: You and your sisters moved from Detroit to Miami more than 10 years ago, and now the three of you are kind of spread across the country.

Morae: The three of us are in different states right now pursuing things outside of our businesses together. Everything that we do now is the same regarding business, just in different states. So there's lots of phone conferences and Skyping going on when it comes to meetings and decision-making! I live in Los Angeles with my husband and son. I'm concentrating on building the brand Rich, Fly & Fabulous into a fashion empire. I do all of the buying and the shopping, and I also come up with all of the creative concepts for the brand. I would have to say that I wear a lot of hats within the company as the ambassador of fashion at

Milan is residing in Michigan building a successful real estate brand called Jett Setters Investment Properties. In addition to her company JIP, Milan handles all of the sales marketing and advertising for

Nikki resides in Atlanta. She is the lead stylist for our company and is currently working very closely with two of our newest clients who are both up-and-coming singers getting ready to be signed to major music labels. Our clients are always styled in nothing but, of course! When Nikki's not working with our clients, she pursues music in her free time. She's currently recording an independent album and performing on tour in different cities throughout the U.S.

GMO: It’s not very often that three sisters own and operate a business. How do you guys manage the business relationship and maintain that sisterly bond?

Morae: Sometimes it can be a little hectic, all being on the same accord and agreeing on the same ideas. But for the most part we agree on just about everything. Our business is fashion and beauty, so it's more fun than anything. Besides, we’re best friends.

GMO: What is your opinion on the fashion trends of today?

Morae: I'm in love with the fashion trends today. It's all about accessorizing. It's not what you wear, it's how you pair! The trends today are so casually fly and fabulous, just the way we like it at You can take a pair of jeans and tank top, add a colored blazer—color blocking is in this season—put on an embellished necklace as a statement piece, stack some bracelets up your arm and go! That's what we call “Rich, Fly & Fabulous.” We're all about accessorizing!

GMO: In addition to the online boutique, what else can we look forward to from The Paper Dollz?

Morae: The project that we have coming up next will be extending our fashion brand into beauty. It's a venture that has taken years to accomplish, and thankfully that day is finally approaching!

Frances Moffett

Frances Moffett

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