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Tuesday, 29 December 2009 08:42 Written by  Lisa R. Brown

Coming from humble beginnings in Germany, Nadine Mansour grew into a very industrious young woman. At age 10, her multicultural family moved to the United States. Here, she was thrust into a melting pot of American culture, style and music. This helped to shape her unique musical style and talent, which led to the development of her first album Catharsis.

n GlossMagazineOnline (GMO): At what age did you know that singing was your gift?

Nadine Mansour:
Ever since I was little I wanted to be a performer. My parents once told me when I was younger that they took me to a street fair and there was a stage with a microphone. They said that without hesitation I ran up and started singing. As you can imagine they were so embarrassed! Music has always called me even at a young age. After joining the choir in 6th grade, my choir director encouraged me to keep singing and I haven’t stopped since.

GMO: What did your parents say when you first told them you wanted to sing and write songs?

NM: Like all good parents, they did not want me to be exposed to the hardships and cruelty of the music industry. But after seeing my persistence and dedication, they became very supportive.

GMO: How long did you live in Germany before coming here?

NM: I lived in Germany for 10 years. I was quite young when I came here.

GMO: Do you speak German?

NM: Ja. It was my first language.

GMO: What was it like being in America for the first time?

NM: It was a culture shock for me. I wasn’t used to the language and people. It was hard for me to adapt to the food at first. But now I love KFC!

GMO: Were you afraid to be in a new place?

NM: I would say I was uncomfortable and hesitant because I missed my friends back home. But I’ve grown to appreciate and love the opportunities America has given my family and me.

GMO: What was it like graduating at 19 from the Berklee College of Music?

NM: It was quite an overwhelming experience for me. Since it all happened so quickly, there was a lot of knowledge to soak up in a short period of time. Since knowledge is power, education is very important to me. Although there were many obstacles trying to prevent me from attending and graduating, I was able to finish and feel blessed and thankful for the opportunity.

GMO: What made you call your debut album, Catharsis?

NM: The definition of catharsis is, “a release of emotional tension, as after an overwhelming experience, that restores or refreshes the spirit.” The album was just that for me. It helped me cope with difficult times in my life and was a stepping stone in my faith. It encouraged me to express and deal with my emotions, and hopefully the CD will allow the listener to find the healing that it has brought me.

GMO: What's your fan base like so far?

NM: My fan base is made up of all ages and races. I like to write about real life issues and things people are going through. The record takes you through an array of emotions. Whether angry, sad, sassy or hopeful, this album has something for everyone. I feel very humbled by all of their support.

GMO: Is your album selling in Germany as well?

: Currently the album is available worldwide on ITunes, Emusic and my website I will be heading to Germany in December.nd

GMO: Are you going to have a music video for your single, "Baby?"

NM: Yes. We’re actually working on the concept now. I’m very excited about it! Definitely be on the look out for it!
GMO: What inspires you to write a song? What's your intellectual process during songwriting?
NM: Well, all my inspiration comes from Christ. I want to be an instrument to people to deliver love, hope and encouragement through my music. When I write, I don’t like to think. I just feel and flow with whatever comes out at that moment. After having creative freedom, I go back and edit the song to give it a form, lyrics and change any necessary chords, etc. Then after sitting with it for a while, I finish it and let it be.

GMO: What are your future plans with music and your career?

NM: My future plans are to continue excelling in my craft and career and to reach more people with my music. I’m starting my own production company and also will be doing more shows in 2010. I want to be the best at what I do and always strive for excellence in my work. The journey has only begun.

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