Lisa R. Brown

Lisa R. Brown

Lisa R. Brown is a 20-years-old student at Columbia College Chicago. She is majoring in Magazine Journalism and chose that field of study because she has always loved reading magazines. Lisa is also a fiction writer, penning short stories, poems, lyrics and more.

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So. it’s Saturday. It’s cold and rainy so going out is totally out of the question. You’re pretty bored, so you hop on Facebook for the 15-millionth time that day just to see if any of your buds posted anything interesting. You’re about to sign off when you notice your best friend just posted a fresh status. It’s about her having a lot of “fun” the other night and how she got totally wasted.

Coming to America: Singer Nadine Mansour

Published in Featured Articles
Tuesday, 29 December 2009 08:42

Coming from humble beginnings in Germany, Nadine Mansour grew into a very industrious young woman. At age 10, her multicultural family moved to the United States. Here, she was thrust into a melting pot of American culture, style and music. This helped to shape her unique musical style and talent, which led to the development of her first album Catharsis.

Chi-Town's Playwright Reshanda Henderson

Published in Entertainment
Saturday, 29 August 2009 10:56

For all you faithful Tyler Perry fans, you might have to make some more room on your DVD stand soon. Reshanda Henderson, Chicago’s own playwright, is making waves with rave reviews throughout the city. Her first theater company, Xpress Yoself Theater, is the newest attraction for many Chicagoans. So far, she’s been going strong this year with her newest play, The Mr. The Mrs. & The Lover. I recently sat down with her to find out about her journey to becoming the “Queen of Urban Theater.”

A Mid Summer Night

Published in Health & Fitness
Friday, 26 June 2009 10:09

It’s the first day of summer and the sun is shining so brightly that the clouds are getting jealous. You’re walking downtown Chicago on Michigan Avenue, doing a little window shopping and hoping to catch some great sales. You’re feeling confident with your Dereon denim mini dress; you know you’re sure to attract some attention. Just as you’re about to head into TJ Maxx, you catch the eye of this mocha brown complexion, hazel-eyed cutie standing off to the side with his guys. He’s checking you and your lovely lady lumps out.