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Monday, 08 July 2013 03:11 Written by  Lealeah Livingston

Up-and-coming Chicago artist Brittany Davis, better known as Bebe O’Hare, brings her own flow and sense of style to the game. She's a 24-year-old rapper/writer that’s undoubtedly talented and charismatic and isn’t hesitant on showing her personal flare in her music. Bebe has performed in Chicago at Shannon Brown's Wood Star Festival and in California at Dragon Fly Bar. She’s also had her music critiqued and approved by artists like Wiz Khalifa and Machinegun Kelly. Her current project, Fashionably Late, was slated to drop late last month. Having posted her music and videos on Facebook and Twitter (also has a music page on MTV’s website), she’s gotten herself to be recognized as a dope and promising artist who has people excited to see what this fresh face has in store for Hip Hop.

GlossMagazineOnline (GMO): What’s been a stand-out moment for you so far since you’ve been writing/ rapping?

Bebe: I think the standout moment since I’ve started writing and rapping is just that people rock with me. I’ve been a fan of music in general and countless artists for as long as I can remember so now that I’m experiencing the other side of it as an artist myself, with a growing fan base, it is amazing to me.

GMO: What’s your ultimate goal in Hip Hop?

Bebe: My ultimate goal in Hip Hop is to build a brand for myself. I want that brand to be one that is built off of respect and recognition. Respect for my musical abilities and recognition amongst artists that I’ve looked up to, both male and female. This is definitely a male dominated industry but I’d like to show that a woman could be just as talented, business minded, driven and acknowledged.

GMO: Would you compare your style to anyone who’s in the industry?

Bebe: I’m not sure who would personally compare my style to in the industry but I do pull a lot of inspiration from various artists. I’m a big fan of a lot of genres, not just Hip Hop, so I like to incorporate certain sounds and styles while still putting my own twist on it.

GMO: What or who would you call your motivation?

Bebe: My biggest motivation is my family. I do music because I truly love it but at the same time it can provide a level of comfort and lifestyle for my family that I feel they deserve. My mother has worked my entire life to provide a good upbringing for my brother and me and she deserves to be able to chill without the stress of bills or wondering if we’re okay. My goal is to make sure she’s good.

GMO: I know that you have pictures up on Facebook of Wiz Khalifa and Machine Gun Kelly. Please tell us about that experience, [LOL].

Bebe: It was a dope experience. They’re really cool guys and I got a chance to kick it with them in the studio so it was dope to see their individual processes of creating a song. Plus, it’s always cool to interact with other artists because they can truly relate and know the struggles of being a new artist. I played them some tracks of mine [I was nervous as hell lol] but they really liked them. They’re real dudes so they would’ve let me know if something was whack or if they weren’t feeling it but they were kind of blown away when they pressed play. They told me that they thought I rap just as good if not better than a lot of guys out now so that was a great compliment coming them and very reassuring.

GMO: Would you consider yourself a hipster? The pictures on your Tumblr show us you have a cute and funky sense of style.

Bebe: Mmm, I don’t know if I’d say I’m a hipster per se, it’s more so if I like it. That’s honestly how I’ve always been. I’ve never looked to follow trends so I’m definitely no hypebeast [LOL]. I’ve always liked bright colors, sneakers and being comfortable so if it falls in that category, then I’m usually for it.

GMO: I know that you’ve performed at the Shannon Brown Wood Star Festival here in Chicago and out in Cali at the Dragon Fly Bar. How has it been getting on stage and showing the world your talents?

Bebe: Performing live has been awesome. It’s one of the craziest rushes I think you can have. I always get so nervous right before I perform and weirdly I find myself still nervous even after I’m finished, but when people come up and want to take a picture or say they like the music then it makes me feel good.

GMO: Is Bebe O’hare the rock star of your personality?

Bebe: I’ve never really thought about it, but I guess you could say Bebe is the rock star side of my personality. [LOL] To personally know me and then to hear my music is kind of like day and night. As a person, I’m very chill and just like to have a good time. When it’s Bebe time I’m turned up and I’m totally different. I’d say way more aggressive side comes out. It’s nothing that I’m consciously aware of or have to get ready to be. I just know when it’s time to do music, Bebe comes out.

GMO: What your favorite song from the mixtape?

Bebe: That’s a very hard question, but I think for now my favorite song on the tape is titled “Roll With Me.” It’s a song I did a while ago but it kind of shaped the sound of the tape and served as the middle ground as to how I selected my other beats. It pretty much laid the foundation for the tape. Plus it features a super dope sample and has like a 90’s feel to it and I’m a HUGE fan of 90’s music.

GMO: Can you give us an idea of what we should expect from you within the next six months?

Bebe: The next six months will really revolve around pushing the mixtape. I’ve been working on it for a while now so I definitely want to get it out and promote it. I’ll also be working on my next project while dropping videos off Fashionably Late and doing features. The next six months will just include a lot of work that will hopefully bring about a lot of new opportunities.

GMO: What kind of support do you have here back in Chicago? Do you think your support from listeners has expanded since you have first started?

Bebe: I have good support in Chicago, but it could always be better. So far I’ve only dropped an EP called The Poster Child and a few videos here and there. Fashionably Late, which is a full project, will be promoted as such and have the visuals/content to support it so I think It’ll reach more people for sure. I’m just excited for people who’ve been down with me to hear it and to gain new fans.

Follow Bebe on Twitter @Bebe_Ohare and see her "The Motto" freestyle below!

Lealeah Livingston

Lealeah Livingston

Freelance writer Lealeah Livingston is a junior at Columbia College Chicago, working toward her BA in Journalism in 2013. Although Lealeah loves to write about almost anything, she shares a particular love for the arts and health. She is also co-founder of Columbia College’s Her Campus Magazine.

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