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Combining her love for fashion and philanthropy, wardrobe stylist and model coach Aaja Corinne Carr selected four young ladies with unique backgrounds and stories to feature in her “She’s in Color” Women's Empowerment Campaign editorial. Read how these ladies define beauty and empower women in their own lives, and in their own words.

Judith Ruiz-Branch, News Writer at WGN / Multimedia Journalist / Freelance Model

Jewelry: Jewel Junkie Jewels by Kameelah Harris

Dress: GUÁGE by Ashley “Dolél” Spearman

Shoes: Kham'ryn B.


“Beauty for me has never been mainstream: it’s the quirky, edgy, hard, soft, and everything in between. I believe the most beautiful people in the world are the ones that cannot be identified by one race or culture. The mixture of cultures, races and color is the most beautiful thing to me. And to know God touched and created it all … nothing is more beautiful than that. When I see beauty I see confidence, uniqueness, vibrancy, strength, history, and culture. I personally empower women by being a great example of what a woman should be. Mistakes and all, I still carry myself as a beautiful woman should be. So, I would like to say that I do my best to empower women on a daily basis, but I have to admit that I fall into the unhealthy behavior as well. But, I think each of us who participated in the “She’s In Color” campaign is definitely taking a big step in the right direction to empower each other, and women as a whole.” –Judith

Headpiece: Stylist's Own

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Jumpsuit: Fashionable Addictions

Asjhra Harper, Executive Producer for “The PWithers Experience” on WVON 1690AM / Spokesmodel for Conjure Cognac and Atlantico / Radio/Television Personality / Motivational Speaker / Philanthropist / Image Consultant for JH’RAMOINYE

Earrings: Jewel Junkie Jewels by Kameelah Harris

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“Beauty is defined by the make-up of a woman, and the many elements a woman possesses. Beauty exemplifies a woman’s noble character, humility, and diligent heart. Beauty is an unfailing presence and is marked when it’s graced. The quality of beauty has to be attained and takes hard work. Carrying a free spirit and strength gives fortitude and defines the definition of true beauty. A woman striving everyday to exemplify these qualities is beauty. Women are empowered by the many roles I take on and the accomplishments I've achieved. Faith is birthed in my spirit and inspires women because they actually see another woman living her life according to faith. Women are inspired to birth that same faith in them, so they tap into their unique talents and qualities to overachieve and accomplish the unthinkable. My purpose is empowering women to be an icon for their own purposes. Many women don’t know and understand their place on this earth. The most incredible feminine creation is a woman. Beauty is an empowered woman, and I’m set out to show women how to possess those hidden qualities.” –Asjhra

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Cassandra C. Smith, CEO & Founder of PREMIERE Models, Inc. / Freelance Fashion Coordinator / Mentor & Presenter for REACH Leadership for Girls Swag & Substance Mentoring Workshop

Earrings: Jewel Junkie Jewels by Kameelah Harris

Rings: Jewel Junkie Jewels by Kameelah Harris

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Top: Fashionable Addictions

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Shoes: Kham'ryn B.


“Finding beauty in ourselves is really simple, because in all cases it comes very naturally. My definition of beauty is being ‘yourself.’ We are all beautiful and unique: It’s one of the only things in life that we do not have to ‘practice to perfect.’ When we fail to be ourselves, we are cheating ourselves and the world. I came to this realization during a church service one day. My pastor (Dr. Horace E. Smith) said, “Your life is not your own; you have a responsibility to your community.” Then, it hit me: I am blessing someone by ‘being myself.’ When I am not myself, someone is missing out on a blessing. I found that I have several passions and abundant opportunities to share myself with the world. I now make a conscious effort to empower not only women, but all people–-whether I am complimenting someone’s outfit, commending someone’s work, offering someone a smile or one of my cheesy jokes (I have several). I want someone’s day to improve because of something I said or did."


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Zanah Thirus, Marketing Communications Major and Senior at Columbia College Chicago

Headpiece: Adela Red


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Shoes: Kham'ryn B.


“Beauty, to me, is anything that separates you from the crowd. Women who embrace who they are without comparing themselves to others are absolutely beautiful to me. I personally empower women through my lifestyle. I never thought it was okay for a woman to be thrown into a category or objectified. Women can be whoever they want. We can live however we want. We can make decisions for ourselves and we deserve to be treated equally. I don’t believe in gender superiority or that a woman has a specific ‘place.’ I support and respect women who are executives, serve in the military, practice medicine, etc. Women who don’t take no for an answer are my biggest inspirations.” – Zanah

Headpiece: Adela Red

Dress: GUÁGE by Ashley “Dolél” Spearman





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