Flawlessly Fabulous: Flawless Fashion Boutique Review

Monday, 09 January 2012 01:12 Written by  Erica Lindsay

With the start of the new year and possibly even a new you, one thing is certain: everyone wants to enter a new year looking good. We all feverishly wonder what new dress to buy that no one has seen before, or what shoes will gain us the most compliments. The biggest, most frequently asked question that is sure to never change: How much does it cost?

Not separate from the rest of you, I asked the same questions as I attempted to revamp my wardrobe. I had just returned home from college, and I wanted something new, something that I wouldn’t see three or four times walking down the same street.  Most importantly, I wanted something that I could afford on my post-graduate budget. My search led me to Flawless Fashion Boutique on Chicago’s South Side. With a very quaint and chic interior, Flawless Fashion brings out the inner diva in each of its clients. It specializes in exclusive casual and upscale clothing for men and women. What’s more? It’s affordable! The adorable boutique debuted with its grand opening in the summer of 2011 and has gained rave reviews through word of mouth from its satisfied customers.

While searching for places in Chicago to shop, I fell in love with Flawless Fashion Boutique (FFB) and developed my "Fab Four" things to look for in any clothing boutique:

1. Style

Make sure that the boutique fits your personal taste. Even if it offers things that you think are cute, if you wouldn’t wear any of it, why spend the money? FFB fits my style completely. It’s cute, sexy, sophisticated, classy, and elegant. Need I say more?

2. Affordability

Every girl can appreciate a little bang for her buck. In college, I learned to ball on a budget. FFB allows me to look expensive without hurting my pocketbook. Of course affordability varies from person to person; however, it helps to know that a boutique you love fits within any budget.

3. Quality

Affordability is one thing, but no one wants people to look at their outfit/shoes/handbag and not want it for themselves. Choose a boutique that offers quality with everything it presents, including its décor. Take one step into FFB and you will be ready to sit in the comfy leather chairs and stay a while.

4. Uniqueness

Ever want a personal stylist that you can’t afford? Of course, we all do. Knowing that you can leave the store and not see the item you just purchased anywhere else adds a rich quality to your shopping experience. FFB offers an exclusive style that you can only find in stores.

Erica Lindsay

Erica Lindsay

Erica Jai Lindsay obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production from Howard University. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Journalism at DePaul University. In addition to writing for GMO, Erica works as a freelancer.

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