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Tell GMO About Yourself
My name is Esther Inyang; I am from Nigeria, Africa. I am a very determined person with a lot of goals and ambitions. I want to peruse a modeling career; I am currently a student at Northern Illinois University with a 4.0 GPA average. My major is Biochemistry; if modeling does not work out successfully for me, then I will peruse a career in the medical field.

When did you get started modeling and what made you interested in the industry in the first place?
I got started modeling clothes when I was about twelve, thirteen years old. I started with fashion shows such as prom and bridal when I was about sixteen, seventeen.
In your opinion, can anyone be a model? Why or why not?  
Yes, I believe that anyone can be a model if they have the determination and the potential to shoot big. I say this because models do not come in just one size; they come in many sizes.

What are some of the life lessons that can be gained from modeling?
One of the life lessons that you can gain is that you always have to have an open mind and a good imagination. You have to be flexible with your time.  Most of all you have to know how to separate good work from fake work.

People don't know that you're ------- Ambitious and hardworking at heart.
You'd give anything to meet
------- Tyra Banks, because she a wonderful person.


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