You Know Her Moves: Profile of Dancer Ashley Everett

Tuesday, 04 January 2011 17:46 Written by  Mirika With

Every day we make decisions. Should I hit the snooze or get ready? Should go to the gym today? What am I going to eat for dinner? Most of the decisions we make don’t have that much of an impact in our lives, but every once in a while a decision will come that will affect our lives to the highest extent. For Ashley Everett, this decision was the choice between attending Julliard or touring with Beyonce.

aShe found out that she was accepted to the prestigious school while on Beyonce’s tour. The tour was supposed to close at the end of August, just as Julliard started their term. But the tour was extremely successful and was extended until December.

“I was training my entire life to become a dancer. I have a professional career. Why would I train more?” Everett said.

Everett, a 20-year-old girl, started dancing ballet when she was two and half years old. Her drive started at a very early age.

“I’ve always been passionate about it,” she said. “I always looked forward to it after school.” At the age of 12, Everett went to a summer incentive in New York City. That summer opened her eyes to the world of dance, which caused her drive and passion to become stronger.

But even with all of Everett’s years of experience and working with artists like Beyonce, she still has moments like every other dancer. On tour, she hurt her ankle and almost had a wardrobe malfunction. For one of the numbers on tour, Everett had to wear a top that was similar to a bikini. While dancing one of the straps broke, Everett quickly grabbed the top and continued to finish the dance.

“[It was] really embarrassing because I almost showed my entire chest to the world,” she confessed. But the world of dance isn't just about repairing broken limbs and embarrassing moments, there are also politics and type casting during auditions.

She said, “Every time I audition, I show I’m a hard worker, staying positive and believing in myself. There is always someone telling you you’re not good.”

Her attitude of staying true to herself has helped her reach career goals. Some of Everett’s newest projects include being part of a girl group and doing dance routines for a dance video game.

Follow Ashley on Twitter: @ashleycmeverett.


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