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Monday, 09 January 2012 04:39 Written by  Frances Moffett

Pat Tucker is a national bestselling author—yet she still has her day job. The author of six novels and three anthologies is also a radio news reporter in Houston with more than 15 years in the media industry. The L.A.-native’s recent effort, “Football Widows,” takes readers through the lives of the wives of football coaches via a group of friends who experience a betrayal that changes everything. Here Pat talks with GlossMagazineOnline about the novel, her background in media and the future of black literature.


GlossMagazineOnline (GMO): Why did you make the decision to start writing professionally?

Pat Tucker: I’m so blessed to have been able to turn a hobby into a professional passion. Since I developed a passion for reading and writing early on, making the transition from pleasure or amateur to professional was a natural progression.

GMO: You are still working as a radio news reporter in Houston and your background is in broadcast. How did your background in media prepare you for becoming an author?

Pat: I developed a passion for reading and writing at a very young age. I knew early on that I wanted to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. It was only natural that I made the transition from writing news scripts daily to writing more elaborate stories after work. I often say in my 9 to 5, I must stick to the facts, but after 6, it’s open season as there are no limits to my imagination.

GMO: Who are some of your literary inspirations?

Pat: I have too many to name. Since I find value in every written word, I appreciate a great story no matter who is telling the tale. I believe in reading many of the rock stars of literature, as well as discovering a new unknown gem. People who write good stories inspire me to tell even better stories.

GMO: How do you gain inspiration for your novels?

Pat: My inspiration comes from everywhere around me. Most of my inspiration comes from my regular job as a radio news reporter. I believe that everyone has an interesting story, I may not know them all, but my wild imagination affords me the ability to find inspiration in the smallest event, name or conversation.

GMO: How do you feel about the assumption that most African American literature is urban lit? How do you deal with the negative stigma that so many of our writers have to endure?

Pat: First, and foremost, I find value in every written word. But I like to distinguish between African American literature and what’s commonly referred to as urban lit or street lit. Most people assume all black books are urban lit, but just like any other genres, we offer a wide range of genres. I think people, who are critical of any work of art, or any form of creative expression are entitled to their own opinion, but perhaps these genres are simply not their cup of tea. It doesn’t make it wrong, but I think readers should choose according to their reading preference and also be open to trying new genres.

GMO: Your novel, “Football Widows,” comes at a time when the “wives” series’ are at an all-time high. You’ve got Real Housewives, Basketball Wives, etc. Did any of these shows inspire you to write this book? How did you get the idea for these characters?

Pat: Inspiration for “Football Widows” comes from being married to a state championship-winning high school head football coach for more than 10 years. Some of the stories I’ve heard at times made me feel as though our lives could rival any commercial fiction. “Football Widows” is a work of fiction, but like most of my work, it’s inspired by real life incidents.

GMO: The book focuses around this group of women—friends—and the betrayal that immediately changes the dynamic between them. Do you think this is a common theme in everyday life as well between women?

Pat: I focused on the dynamic of betrayal among female friends because this type of betrayal lends itself to incredible emotional drama. I think the best stories include conflict, drama and more drama.

GMO: How has the book been received so far?

Pat: “Football Widows” is being received very well. I believe millions of women can relate to women who feel like their relationships die during football season. My hope is that “Football Widows” inspires them to embrace whatever type of widow they may be, and either embrace the sport or use the alone time for self reflection and discovery.

GMO: How do you feel about the current state of print and books today, with eBooks outselling print? Is that something you consider when writing?

Pat: It is my hope that we never see a day without printed books. Change is always difficult, but I believe printed and electronic books can successfully coexist. My thoughts are focused on delivering a thought provoking and entertaining story to the reader when I’m writing. I think all authors should embrace technology and expand their portfolio.

GMO: What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Pat: The best advice I can give to aspiring authors is to read and write as much as possible. It’s essential that you learn the tricks of the trade especially if you wish for a long and successful literary career.

GMO: What are some of your future plans/goals?

Pat: I am a very goal oriented person. My prayer is that one day I will see my work translated to film. My future is full of great stories because I plan to write for as long as the good Lord pleases. I believe my stories allow the masses to seem themselves on my pages and I hope in the near future my name becomes synonymous with great stories.

To learn more about Pat Tucker, visit her website at fromcovertocovershow.info/ptucker or follow her on Twitter: @AuthorPatTucker.

Frances Moffett

Frances Moffett

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