Star Murphy: The Star in R and B

Friday, 03 September 2010 15:07 Written by  Shardae D. Smith

She’s got her “Swagg On,” and up-and-coming R&B artist Star Murphy is determined to make it to the top. “I can’t live without music, I fall asleep to music,” Star said. “I fall asleep with music, and I know it might sound cheesy, but I’m so serious about music. Music brings me to a better mood.”

ss The self-taught singer, born and raised in Nashville, has been singing since she was 11 years old and says that she owes her rise to fame to a school talent show.

“Most of my experience came free and came from school,” Star said. “My school put on a Broadway concert and I had my solo part…I sang it, and at the end of the production, everyone was screaming, ‘We want her to sing it again!’”

But growing up in a single-parent home, and not having the luxuries that other artists say contributed to their talents, Star was determined to reach her dreams. Giving thanks to her mother, she knew that although she loved music, education was to come first.

“I knew for a fact I was going to get my bachelor’s degree,” she said. “I was like, I’m going to finish regardless, if I gotta put everything else on hold. Of course my singing, so I pretty much had to not exactly put my music on hold for good, but I had to make it [come] second to my degree.”

Star graduated with a degree in communications and psychology from Tennessee State University and said, “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

One of Star’s proudest moments was performing at Tennessee State University’s Homecoming in 2009, where she opened up for Memphis recording artist Yo Gotti.

“[That] was one of my biggest performances,” she said. “A lot of people were there to see Yo Gotti, so they were introduced to me.”

When Star isn’t performing, she said she’s running her business, A-List Entertainment, which promotes parties for local college students.

But keeping her main focus on her music, Star has recently collaborated with Waka Flocka on the remix to his hit single, “Oh Let’s Do It.”

“I really like [the] Waka Flocka original,” Star said in regards to “Oh Let’s Do It.” “[But] I was like let me see what I can do with this song, make it super Star Murphy, so I was like let me ‘Star-and-B’ this out. So I made the beat a little slower, and I came up with ‘Oh Let’s Do It,’ [the] sexy R&B version—the ladies anthem. [And] I’ve gotten a crazy, crazy, positive response. A lot of people like it.”

Star said she will release her debut mixtape this fall, which is affectionately titled “I Am StarNB,” which the singer says is her point of view on R&B, along with the trendiness of today’s music.

Staying humble to her beginnings and true to her foundation, Star had a message for her loyal fans:

“I’m an artist, but you can’t be an artist without people backing you up, and look forward to seeing a lot more of me.”


Find out more about Star on website, StarMuphy.Com and her Facebook page 

Shardae D. Smith

Shardae D. Smith

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