Say "Wyrd!" Meet Star Trak's J. Drew Sheard

Friday, 03 September 2010 14:52 Written by  Essence McDowell

It's not weird music––It's Wyrd Music. J. Drew Sheard is determined to revive the music industry with a futuristic sound backed by his self-started company Wyrd Music Group.

Wyrd is a term derived in the Shakespearian era which Sheard has coined to describe both the unique vibe behind his music and the personal view of one’s destiny.

"The music industry is like a cycle and there's always one sound that everyone imitates. I'm making music that has the potential to be the new sound," said Sheard in an interview with GlossMagazineOnline (GMO). "I also want the youth to know that life is about their view of their own destiny, and whatever they want to do, they can make it happen."

Sheard's innovative vision has been backed by multi-platinum producer Pharrell Williams.

Earlier this year, Williams signed Sheard as a music producer under the label Star Trak Entertainment. Together the two are working on a mixtape that will introduce Sheard’s innovative style as an artist.


“It’s amazing to be able to sit under a phenomenal producer like Pharrell. I’m learning so much,” said Sheard. “It’s a great feeling to know that he was interested in me out of so many other producers out there.”

Despite his recent deal with the Star Trek, Sheard was already a star in his own right. At 14 years old, he was a Grammy-nominated producer for his work on his sister gospel singer Kierra “KiKi” Sheard's This is Me album. By the time he reached 15, Sheard had already been involved with three additional award-winning albums.

Growing up, Sheard's background was drenched in music. His mother is Karen Clark Sheard, singer with the acclaimed gospel group The Clark Sisters. Sheard began playing the drums at the church where his father was a pastor.

In his family, Sheard is the first to step outside gospel and crossover into the more secular genres of pop and R&B. Although he received strong family support, the transition wasn’t an easy one.

"Stepping outside of gospel was difficult challenge for me. But, in the long run, it definitely made me a stronger man,” says Sheard.

Even with all his accomplishments to date, Sheard is fueled by his strong faith, motivation and focus on the advancement of his music career.

"I still feel like I haven’t accomplished anything yet,” said Sheard modestly. “It’s all a blessing and I’m going to continue to work hard. I won’t stop, I will keeping going and going.

Along with his own music career, Sheard currently works as vice president and chief A&R under his family's record label KaRew Records. He also attends classes at Marygrove College where he is working to obtain a degree in business.

In the meantime, you can find Sheard in the studio crafting his own original sound and developing Wyrd Music Group. His aim is to become "one of the greatest producers of all times."

"I want to have an impact, and most of all, I want my music to do the talking,” said Sheard. “This is just the beginning."


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Essence McDowell

Essence McDowell

Essence McDowell is a freelance writer for GlossMagazineOnline and recent graduate of the Masters in Journalism program at DePaul University.

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