Review of "Think Like a Man:" Surprising in the Best Way!

Friday, 27 April 2012 15:35 Written by  Jazmine Henley-Brown

Recently, I had the opportunity to witness the cultural phenomenon that is Think Like a Man, a book-to-movie adaptation of Steve Harvey’s best seller, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. In the book, Steve gives “rules” to women on how to get a man, secure a man, and keep a man.

Sounds simple, right?

As entertaining as the book was, I wouldn’t say that it taught me anything that I hadn’t thought about before. As a woman, there are certain things that we just know. Fast forward to April 20, 2012 and the movie, based on the book, has its opening day on the big screen. An all-star, African American cast (complete with eye candy for both sexes), 13 million dollar budget and the winning addition: Kevin Hart. Think Like a Man was nothing that I expected! With the heavy promo, and cast that included everyone EXCEPT myself, I was sure that this film would serve up an over done plate of stereotypes and cliché’s.


Not only did I cry laughing, I cried from the story line. It was SO real, and every character reminded you of either yourself, or someone in your life. You had the player vs. the chirp chirp girl, the mama’s boy vs. the single mother. The ring hungry woman vs. the non-committer and last but not least, the career woman vs. the dreamer, who was played by Michael Ealy, and if that isn’t enough to make you go see the movie, check out what other deliciousness was in the flick!

Taraji P. Henson, Terrance J, Gabrielle Union, Regina Hall, Romany Malco, Jerry Ferrara, LaLa Anthony, and also guest appearances from Wendy Williams, Kelly Rowland and Ms. Keri Baby (Keri Hilson). Of course, I did not forget the beautiful Megan Good, who some would say was cast into her same “pretty girl” role, but I know so many women who identify with Megan’s character, Mya. Mya, the chirp chirp girl who finally realizes that she is worth more than a “fun” night, implements the 90-day rule to see if she can finally get a man to stick around. Catch the movie to find out if she did!

All in all, Think Like a Man definitely exceeded my expectations, and I’m sure it made Hollywood think twice about the stigma on predominantly African American films. The theaters were packed with people of all colors and walks of life, and everyone left with a better understanding of the ongoing war between men and women (women will always win, obviously). So, with my $13.00 paid to the AMC Theater in Times Square, I was a part of the $33 million that made Think Like a Man the number one movie in the country, and it was well deserved!


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Jazmine Henley-Brown

Jazmine Henley-Brown

Jazmine Henley-Brown is a journalist and On-Air personality from Milwaukee, WI. She attended the Illinois Institute of Art- Chicago, where she majored in Fashion Marketing. She is currently living in New York City and she can be reached by email, or Twitter @JHenleyBrown.


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