New Project and Place in the Industry Gives Jean Baylor Reason to "Celebrate"

Tuesday, 29 November 2011 03:43 Written by  Iya Bakare

She’s back, and with her new Christmas EP Light Up the World, songstress Jean Baylor makes her own rules and gives music lovers an original groove to holiday music. The former member of ‘90s duo Zhane says this project is a feel good holiday album with original songs, including her first single from the EP “Celebrate.” The project, co-produced by Dana Sorey, also features a duet with soulful crooner Eric Roberson, and a sampling of more to come from the artist.

After she left the group in 2000, Baylor says she took a break from the music scene and didn’t return to it until 2005 when she and her husband, Marcus, created their production team, The Baylors. In 2007, she released her first solo project, Testimony: My Life Story.

“I wanted to come into my own as a singer, writer and producer,” she admits.

Although she grew up singing in church, musicals, talent shows and glee clubs, in addition to singing professionally for seven years, Baylor says she enjoyed her time away from music.

“I was in a place of restoration, a place where I could be more grounded and have more head space to be more open and creative,” she adds.

Baylor’s creativity manifested into a solo career that continues to reveal her artistic and personal sides to her fans. She expressed excitement about what’s to come in 2012 with producer and songwriter Carvin Haggins of Carvin & Ivan (Karma Productions) on her next project.

“I want people to be inspired to live life, live it well in their everyday experiences and put positive images out there,” Baylor says.

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