Kaisor Sosa: Rapper on the Rise

Tuesday, 29 December 2009 09:20 Written by  Rashauna C. Hull

Kaisor Sosa (aka Ryan Glover) is a man of many talents and life-altering experiences. In his early career, he has rocked the stage with hip hop legend Slick Rick and shared the big screen with Hollywood superstar Jennifer Aniston. Not to mention his service in the United States Coast Guard, in which he received an honorable discharge. With his debut album Cop and Blow blowing up several music sites, Kaisor Sosa is determined to become a household name in entertainment.


GlossMagazineOnline: Why did you decide to pursue rapping?

Kaisor Sosa: It’s a great way to reach the masses. Nowadays you can put out a song that touches a lot of people. Not only do I rap but I act as well. I’ve always been interested in entertainment…And people don’t really read books, so you can put out music or film that can reach a lot of people.

GMO: Now you mentioned you act as well. How do you balance the two careers?

KS: It all comes down to trusting my gut and music is always my first priority. I may have a show date and I have to come in for an audition the same day. I have to choose which one is most important. For example, I had an audition for the Hurricane Katrina movie with Lil’ Wayne and Bow Wow. I had a showcase that same day, and I decided to do the showcase. It was the right decision. Some would have looked at it differently. But you have to have your priorities in line, and my priority is music.

GMO: Your debut album came out earlier this year. How was it to work on your first album?

KS: It was amazing. I recorded my entire album at BeatHouse Studios in Fullerton, California, which is a big studio out west. The album was produced by Dre Infinite, who used to be signed to Rufus Records and worked with Eazy-E. I also got to work with some other big producers like Einstein and Ugly Duckling, who are huge in Europe, and even some producers coming out of the Chi like Mush Millions.

GMO: You’ve had an opportunity to work with some big artists as well, like Digital Underground and Slick Rick. Which artist has had the most influence on your career?

KS: The artists who influence me are Dead Prez and Stic Man. They are great individuals. I got to work with Dead Prez, I had the opportunity to open for them at a performance in L.A. And they were very supportive after they found out I had been brutally attacked by an L.A. sheriff after the performance. Footage of the incident was all over YouTube last year. They were helpful, and I worked with them on my debut album, Cop and Blow.

Yeah, you’ve had a lot happen to you. I know you had an accident in Mississippi where your car flipped over into a levy, and you were able to walk away from the incident without a scratch. How has that experience changed your perspective on life and your career?

KS: Honestly it opened my eyes and helped me learn to seize the opportunity and savor your moments a lot more. You get caught up in a lot of things and you don’t appreciate things...I appreciate people more and the beauty of life. You can’t really live in the future because nothing is promised and you can’t turn to the past because it is done — you can only live in the now. It was a real wake-up call. I was really blessed. One thing I would do is complain a lot, and now I make a conscious effort not to complain. If I had died, I would have died complaining. I am glad the Creator didn’t let my life end like that.

GMO: Tell us about your experience in the United States Coast Guard.

KS: It was really humbling. It was rewarding because it taught me discipline and hard work that in civilian life is taken loosely. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to go. You know, I went through a lot, got an honorable discharge. People don’t really appreciate what the military has done for this country. They are fighting for our freedom of speech. Some of the greatest people I have met are in the military.

GMO: What can fans expect from Kaisor Sosa in the future?

KS: Lyricism, songs with subliminal messages that you may not catch the first time you hear it. I make music for smokers (laughs). I’m also working on a new website that is interactive, and I’m also in some films, working as a producer on a film in Carbondale. It’s a Sci-fi movie like Waking Life and Scanner Darkly.

GMO: Where can we go to find your music?

KS: You can find my music on ILike or Bebo or Facebook. Also, on iHeart, Clear Channel’s radio station. And you can just Google me.


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Rashauna C. Hull

Rashauna C. Hull

Rashauna C. Hull is Chicago native and a broadcast Journalism major at Columbia College Chicago. She has interned at several news stations including ABC News. She has also written for several publications including Boheme Verite and her school newspaper, The Columbia Chronicle. She is currently associated with Christi With an Eye PR and hopes to continue with public relations following college.

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