GodFrame Breaks the Norm in Christian Rap

Monday, 05 November 2012 23:51 Written by  Charmaine Little

GodFrame isn’t your average Christian rapper. He’s a song writer, producer, youth pastor and mentor. He hopes to shut down negative stereotypes associated with Christian rap, use his music as an avenue to share his life experiences, and unite Christian and secular music.

His fascination and zeal for music began when he was a young boy in Oakland, CA banging on pots and pans. Now, he’s on his way to becoming a well-known music mogul.

“My mom said I was always drumming on stuff beat boxing with my mouth,” said the now 23-year-old. “When I got old enough she put me in piano lessons and it went from there.”

Many rappers, music artists and performers say they get their influence from iconic others who have gone before them. GodFrame acknowledges those who have paved the way, but he also gets many unique ideas for his lyrics and songs from the simple things that people may overlook every day.

“I could hear a car going down the street; they may honk and I’ll hear that tone. Even words in a conversation will make me think ‘ooo’ that would be a good song title.” GodFrame shares. “However God wants to speak to me through people, things or the environment.”

As he grew up exploring his passion for music, there came a time when he had to decide between doing secular and Christian rap. Being raised in a Christian household as well as defining moments in GodFrame’s life helped him to determine which route to take.

“When I was at the crossroad a lot of Christian music was watered down,” GodFrame recalls. “I said ‘If I’m gonna make Christian music I’m gonna represent what people are really going through while still calling myself a Christian artist. The music is just music no matter the content.

He adds, “I’m a rapper who happens to be a Christian; and just because I’m a Christian doesn’t mean I don’t go through real life stuff.”

GodFrame expresses his life experiences in his music hoping to help break the stereotypes that come along with being a Christian rapper.

He says he gladly accepts the challenge to play a part in changing the “lame, boring and whack” stigma that Christian rap carries.

“There’s some pressure especially when people have never heard of GodFrame. When they find out that I’m a Christian rapper, I immediately get the ‘oh well he probably sucks,’ GodFrame reveals. “I kinda like that because I get a chance to prove to them like ‘hey, my music doesn’t suck.’”

He looks up to fellow Christian rapper Lecrae as one who has started to successfully bridge the gap between secular and Christian rap.

“Lecrae is making some noise: BET, awards shows, crossing over into mainstream,” says GodFrame. “For a long time it was frowned upon in the Christian rap community. We’re human beings it would be crazy for all of us not to connect with one another.”

As a gospel artist, GodFrame faces pressure not only in his music but in his lifestyle as well.

After making the choice to be a Christian rapper, he knew he would be involved in a genre that is watched closely.

“Anytime someone sees you’re religious they wanna see ok how spiritual are you? Are you not gonna come and do this with us because you’re a Christian?”

GodFrame says getting questioned about his morals is nothing new to him. “There’s not a pressure I don’t know how to do deal with because all I can do is live my life. I only have to worry about God’s expectations.”

But he doesn’t take lightly the fact that he’s in the spotlight. Being a positive role model especially for young males is something he holds at a high priority.

He serves as youth pastor at Chicago’s Victory Cathedral Worship Center under the leadership of Pastor and world renowned singer Rev. Smokie Norful.

“I want to show them what it looks like to be a Christian male. I didn’t see a lot of examples of strong, Godly men growing up. The ones that were around me were sissies and weak. I’m not gonna be that,” he says. “I’m just one man but I’m gonna do what I can.”

He also mentors young men on issues they experience even outside of the church like going on a date and appreciating women for more than their physical appearance.

As for the current state of Christian rap, GodFrame stays optimistic and hopeful that it will one day be a forerunner in the industry.

“There are gifted talented artists out there who really have the skill to make hot music. I’m excited to see where Christian rap goes.”

Look out for GodFrame’s next album within the next year.

Check out his most recent project “You Are Infinite” on iTunes. Visit www.GodFrameMusic.com for more of his projects!

Charmaine Little

Charmaine Little

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