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Monday, 03 September 2012 16:38 Written by  Charmaine Little

With the rap industry (and music industry period) getting more and more crowded, it can be difficult for aspiring Hip Hop artists to separate themselves from the masses. But, A-Roc & Blaze’ are making a name for themselves with no problem. The Los Angeles rap duo have more than just unique flows: They write and produce their own music. After releasing three successful mix tapes, Get Well Soon, Never Felt Better, and their most recent No Gravity, plus new projects coming out this year, the two just may get what they’ve always wanted.

GlossMagazineOnline had the opportunity to chat with them about how they got started and how their music is different from what’s already out there.


GlossMagazineOnline (GMO): Your music is very different in a good way; especially being a rap duo. How did you guys start working together?

A-Roc: Back in 2009 Blaze’ came to my studio to cut a track and it was very dope. I asked if he wanted to feature me on it and he did. Together we realized we make magic. Ever since then, we’ve been rockin’ together.

Blaze’: We had already had somewhat of a relationship prior to it so I said sure. The song worked, the chemistry worked, and we figured this duo thing was the way to go.

GMO: You guys work a lot with TV and Radio Personality JoJo Joseph and Justin Walker, who has also worked with Chris Brown, Danity Kane and Kirk Franklin. How did you connect with them?

Blaze’: A youth church named TakeOver. They [started this group] called Brothers Living On Christ Keeping Power (BLOCK P). Through that, we kind of saw we all had a passion for music and they took us under their wings, so to speak.

A-Roc: JoJo and Justin have been big brother and father figures to us for years now. They recognized our talent awhile back and have been guiding us since.

GMO: So, I love the nicknames, A-Roc & Blaze’, how did you get them?

A-Roc: We got our nicknames from our big bro, Justin Walker.

Blaze’: Mine (pronounced Bla-zay) is so rooted in my personality. I often forget it’s just a nickname. [Laughs].

GMO: I love that you guys are from LA. How has that influenced your sound?

A-Roc: I definitely think living in LA influenced our music. Our music wouldn’t be [the same] if we were from somewhere else.

Blaze’: LA has influenced me in many ways, starting with the fact that I end up pulling material to write about from my experiences while I’ve been here. LA is a pretty critical place. Everyone has an opinion and they all think it’s more valid than anyone else’s; so it just makes you look at your music in a more critical light. I’m not sure if it’s that, or just me [Laughs], but every detail matters.

GMO: How do you hope you two will contribute to the Hip Hop/music industry?

A-Roc: I honestly feel there hasn’t been an effective rap duo in Hip Hop since Outkast and The Clipse. I want to bring that raw duo that Hip Hop is currently missing.

Blaze’: We bring something new and original. New faces, new sound, new thoughts being put out there. And, we’re growing and working on new material, jumping off the ledge and not holding back to what you instinctively do with your music.

GMO: I noticed you guys are fashionable and always look fly. Where does your style come from?

Blaze’: I think we both just wear what we like [Laughs]. Being comfortable in your own skin is what’s important. Everyone has different body types. Everyone has different looks they can pull off better than others. Find what you do, and do it to the best of your ability.

A-Roc: I’ve always been into style and clothes. As I got older, it progressed into something I take more serious. I actually plan to have a clothing line one day.

GMO: I read in an interview that some of your musical influences include Stevie Wonder, Black Eyed Peas and Lauryn Hill. That’s a pretty nice combination. What other influences do you have and how would you describe your music?

Blaze’: Stevie Wonder is my favorite artist. He’s a phenomenal human being so when you see the legacy someone like that has left behind in terms of music and philanthropy, it makes you look at your own music differently. I would say our music comes out in our diversity and ability to blur the line between singer and rapper.

A-Roc: It’s unpredictable. I say this because you never know what you’re going to get from us. We try not to stick with one vibe of music. We can give you a variety of different music and kill in every type we do.

GMO: So far you guys have had three mix tapes released and one coming out later this year. What can fans and those who haven’t heard your music yet look forward to?

Blaze’: The plan is to actually have at least three projects drop before the end of the year. Mine is the Night Drive EP, which is now in those final stages. Getting everything behind the scenes done. It’s my solo project so I wanted to make sure I was giving all of me in my music. I started to work on the project to find myself, which directly relates to the name Night Drive. I can’t wait for people to hear it!

A-Roc has a solo project and then it can go a few different ways, like a joint project between me and him. I pray they both drop [Laughs].

GMO: You guys are still making your mark in the rap game. Living in LA, there’s so many opportunities to branch out. Have you thought about stepping into other projects?

A-Roc: I actually used to hoop awhile back...

Blaze’: Of course, very soon I plan to step back into the modeling/acting circuit. I just want to make sure the music’s where it should be before I do.

GMO: What motto/advice do you like to live by?

A-Roc: My own quote at the moment, and it seems to work for me: “You become great by never settling for good.”

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