"Dreams" Breeds a Positive Reality for Featured Actress Syesha Mercado

Tuesday, 25 February 2014 22:51 Written by  Iya Bakare

Singer and actress Syesha Mercado’s career mirrors not only the possibility, but the reality of how dreams come true. In her film debut, she co-starred in the film Dreams, which was recently released on DVD. Directed by Joel Kapity and starring Angie Stone, Marvin Winans, Jr, Vickie Winans, Mel Jackson, Tommy Ford, Terri J. Vaughn, Geoffrey Owens, Lou Myers, Marchello Lee, DeLeon Sheffield, Dennis “LA” White, Jaylin Fleming, Joseph Awinongya, J’son and Lisa Tucker, she says the movie is a family film for anyone who has a dream and who had a difficult past.

“Everyone attached to the project was lovely to work with and I hope everyone was as inspired as I was,” Syesha says about her debut film experience.

Made in Chicago, the Florida native says she took a two-week vacation from Dreamgirls to film the story. Performing eight shows a week as Deena Jones in the Dreamgirls tour, the singer says she balanced her time with her on-stage role and on-camera role as she memorized her lines for Dreams during intermissions. She started writing in her journal as soon as she received the script, which helped her prepare for the part.

“My childhood was rough coming up and I didn’t come from wealth,” Syesha admits. “People like me don’t make it to Broadway or make films. Our dreams don’t come true. I used what I went through and my experiences to prepare for this role.”

The performer says she didn’t have contact with one of her siblings for two years when she filmed Dreams. Those feelings and the placement of her sibling’s photo in the movie brought Syesha to a place of sadness and the dark side of her character Mia, she comments.

“After watching this movie, I want people to realize they shouldn’t let their past determine their future and dictate where they’re going,” she says. “My faith has helped me along the way. I pray with my mom before every show and I listen to Joel Osteen, which helps me to focus and keeps me grounded.”

The star continues to shine her light as she shimmers in another Broadway production, starring in The Book of Mormon, where she plays the female leading role of Nabulungi.

Scroll down to view the Dreams trailer.

Iya Bakare

Iya Bakare

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