“Buzzin’” with Shwayze

Sunday, 10 July 2011 00:50 Written by  Songine' Clarke

You may remember Aaron Smith aka “Shwayze” from the Alternative Rap-Rock duo of the same name for their hit songs “Buzzin’” and “Corona and Lime.” Well, now Shwayze (now known as Shwayze and Cisco Adler) have a third album coming out called Island in the Sun, slated to be released Aug. 16. It’s their first truly independent album under Bananabeat Records. The duo has grown a lot since their first album and will be going on tour this summer July 21-Aug. 27 with Slightly Stoopid and Rebelution.


sSince their last album release, Shwayze and Cisco have been touring a lot and have had the chance to grow as artists.

“The first album was an experimental thing. Our first record was kind of like a notebook or a journal of what we were going through at that time. Everything we were talking about in that record is what we were living,” Shwayze says.

However, the second record was made in a much shorter time. They recorded it within the three weeks following their tour. The third record shows growth as individual artists and musicians as a whole.

Shwayze and Cisco are usually known for their hit songs that have a laid back summertime feel. With this third album, there is going to be more of a variety.

“There is that real laid back, kicking it on the beach summertime vibe to it and then there’s also some Reggae influence in this and a little Ska influence in this. I would say the sound is reminiscent of California because that is our home, that’s our back drop and a big inspiration for us,” says Shwayze.

Being an independent artist now, Cisco Adler and Shwayze are now on Bananabeat Records, which was actually founded by Cisco Adler.

“We always thought our own way. Even when we were with a major label, we kind of did our own thing and had our own marketing schemes and got our music out to people so really it’s very similar. It’s awesome, it feels great,” he adds.

Recording the third album independently has been a great experience for the duo. “Since its independent, we’re doing everything and it’s our baby. It’s our passion, so no one can push it and be more excited about the record than us. I love the fact that it’s independent because it’s all in our hands, from the marketing, from making the music, to the tours, everything is just us and what we want to do,” Shwayze says.

Inspiring listeners is something many musicians want to do, and Shwayze wants to do the same for his fans. When he first started making music, he just wanted to make it for girls, he admits, but now it’s more about making a difference in the world. Their hope is to inspire people to go live their dreams.

For those aspiring musicians, Shwayze advises them not to give up. Social networking sites have become a great vehicle for all artists.

“Keep doing you. At this time, you never know what’s going to pop off or what’s going to be dope,” he says. “Don’t wait for a major label.”

Check out www.shwayzeandcisco.com to learn more about Shwayze and Cisco Adler. You can also follow Shwayze on Twitter @shwayze. To check out the tour dates, go to www.SeedlessSummerTour.com.


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