Dying Heart

Friday, 05 September 2008 14:06 Written by  Priya A. Shah

Fighting in battle! Ready to lose
A heart not destroyed, but only bruised
Pumping my blood, which connects to my brain
What good has this heart done for me?

It has only caused my pain
Though this heart isn’t broken, for it is not gold
It’s nothing special; it doesn’t even have a home
Yes, this heart is held right in my chest
But it is unaware, that it has failed the life long test
The test that was simply, just thrown in my face
The test that turned love into cruel, evil, hate
It beats quite fast, when it wonders in fear
And it twists and turns, when my eyes let out a flow of tears
It doesn’t give me strength, when I am weak
And it doesn’t dry my eyes, when I begin to weep
So tell me exactly why, a heart is on my inside
When I have already- already died
So stay away- this heart is not an open gate
This heart has been through many heartaches.

Priya A. Shah

Priya A. Shah

Priya A. Shah lives in Chicago. She graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2010, where she studied magazine journalism and fiction writing. She has been a staff writer for GMO since 2007. She’s written and interned for various media outlets such as India Tribune, Today's Chicago Woman, Tribune Media Services, GlossMagazineOnline and Echo (the student produced magazine for Columbia College Chicago). She’s contributed to A Fresh Squeeze (afreshsqueeze.com), an online publication for green living in Chicago, and her school newspaper, The Columbia Chronicle.

Priya can be reached at Priya@glossmagazineonline.com or Priyaashvin@gmail.com