Dreams Surrounded

Monday, 05 July 2010 09:31 Written by  Mark Peterson

I know a young man with so many beautiful dreams. I wonder why he was placed in this nightmare. See because this young man lived poverty stricken he had to work for his, whether legal or illegal he needed all he could get.

Perceived as a troublemaker by many, his intentions were good. No one saw the beautiful mind that rested under his nappy hair. His heart was larger than 10 hearts in one.

See he can't help where he was placed, for it’s hard to grow with no one to follow, it's hard to change when you lay in the midst of the problem.

Overshadowed dreams of change, peace and unity were in a constant battle with the state of his surroundings. Screams are close to silence due to gunshots and police sirens. Dreams on hold because now his baby is on the way and now his son is crying––and now this young man is out to seek cash while his dreams are still hiding.

Man I wish ya’ll could see inside ‘em... there lies so many answers. Far too advanced maybe even had a cure for these cancerous symptoms that labels him and his community “thugs” and “monsters.” This young man grew forever hiding his dreams, only so he could survive...

On another money mission but this time it was different. Took matters in his own hands, now the only thing that matters is that gun in his hand, but them niggas had one too.

Legs bleeding, makin’ it hard to run, seen a lot in his surroundings but never thought he’d see this one.

Heart Racin’...

And let out a scream.......

But remember no one can hear them over GUNSHOTS


............POLICE SIRENS


Ambulance Sirens ringing, and NOW his baby is screaming

Doctors can’t save ‘em....

And his dreams are still hiding, forever.




See although cancer is a physical illness, no one notices the mental cancer that spreads amongst the Black race. Starting in our minds with symptoms of: stealing, robbing, incarceration and then death.

Dream, for we all have treasures in our mind, but this cancer makes us too weak to open our own vaults.

Wake up! .... before it’s too late.


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Mark Peterson

Mark Peterson

Mark Peterson, Jr., attended Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN. He is from Milwaukee, WI. He says, "Many lessons have been learned throughout my life and one way I use my experiences to help others is by writing. I am sincere about my words. This is my art, my passion, and I believe that my purpose on this planet is to be an inspiration to many men and women of my generation and those to come."

He can be reached at Peterson.Mark2@gmail.com.