Cash Only: Chapter 4

Saturday, 29 August 2009 11:47 Written by  Tiffani Alexander

Cash Only: A Novel

Chapter 4



I hang up with Nyla and immediately call Tracie. While I love her, she can be so, well, practical. Right now I need someone to agree with me, to see my side, and I’m betting that Tracie and Punisher’s date didn’t end at the 24-hour diner.

“Hello tramp,” greets Tracie. “How was your night?”

“And good morning to you too, trick!” I laugh. “Why do I have to be all that anyway?”

Tracie turns down the 2pac I hear blasting in the background. That girl knows she loves some ‘Pac. I truly don’t understand the fascination.

“I mean, you went home with a man named Killer, what else am I supposed to call you?” she asks.

Tracie is laughing a little too hard and I have to remind her that she too left the club with a man with a sexy nickname.

“Um, ok, Mrs. Punisher,” I say. Tracie stops laughing before giving me a sarcastic “Whatever.”

“Well, if you must know, we just kinda stayed up talking about how he prepares for a show, looking at old performances and really like getting that vibe off of each other. It was so much fun and so much more than, well, you know.”

I’m hoping I won’t have to spell it out for Tracie. While I don’t regret anything and I am not ashamed of the night I spent with Dylan, I am a little surprised at myself. I can’t really believe I did that. I am not the promiscuous type; I mean I was a virgin until freshman year of college. But there was something about Dylan that made me feel comfortable.

Tracie is quiet for a minute. “So, you slept with him?” she asks.

So much for not having to spell it out.

“Yeah, but it was more than that; it was cool. What happened with Punisher? You didn’t end your night at the diner, did you?”

I am secretly hoping my girl also went home with her new friend so that I wouldn’t feel like such a slut puppy.

“Um, yeah the diner is exactly where it ended,” says Tracie. “We talked about his tat over breakfast and decided to meet up next week to go over some sketches. I guess we’ll have to go back to his place of employment because there is no way he is coming by my place like he suggested.”

Damn! Why is she being so responsible? Well at least she bought up going back to the club. “So you mean to tell me you’re not at all interested in Punisher?” I ask.

“His name is Tyler,” starts Tracie. “And no, I’m not interested. I mean, he’s attractive of course, but he is a dancer and I’m sure he has enough women falling all over themselves for him. No thank you, I don’t need to be one of them!”

Tracie sounds like she’s trying to convince herself of her disinterest more than me, but I play along. All I need is for her to agree to go back to The Clove next week. “Right,” I say. “Well I spoke to Nyla and she’s down to go next week. So you can let Tyler know we’ll be there then.”

“Wow, how did you get mama to agree to go to The Clove?” asks Tracie. “That does not seem like her scene at all!”

I laugh because it really isn’t her scene. “I just told her how important it is for us all to get together, regardless of the venue and reminded her of how much she works. I mean, we hardly see her anymore.”

“True,” says Tracie. “Ok, well I’ll let him know. I got started on one of the sketches this morning. I think I have a good grasp on what he wants.”

Ha, she does like him! Working on his sketch first thing in the morning. “Ok, cool,” I say, holding in my laugh. “Can you meet for lunch today? I want to tell you all about my night –– from when I walked in the door until I walked out.

Tracie laughs. “I’m sure you have quite a story and yes, I want to hear it. Meet me in the Union around 1 o’clock, cool?


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