Whitney Nolan

Whitney Nolan

Whitney Nolan, born and raised in Washington D.C., is a nineteen-year-old junior at the Columbia College Chicago. Although her major is Broadcast Journalism, her interests include print, magazine and photojournalism. After she graduates from Columbia, she plans to attend Harvard or Georgetown University to pursue a degree in law and become an entertainment lawyer.

She can be contacted at Whitney@glossmagazineonline.com

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My Other Mother

Published in Creative Writing
Sunday, 01 November 2009 18:42

Today my birth mom sent me flowers.

It’s not my birthday, Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion. “OOOO Whitney, who are those from?” I would nonchalantly shrug my shoulders and lie, “Oh, I don’t know…there wasn’t a card,” not caring that the card was in plain view and not caring if they saw it. It was my business, and it was a part of my life I was trying to forget.

Natural Hair? Do it Yourself

Published in Fashion & Beauty
Saturday, 29 August 2009 14:26

As temperatures rose throughout the now ending summer, African American women all over are were wondering what to do with their hair. Many beauty salons around the Washington D.C. area are struggling with business because women were getting fed up with paying to style their hair and then stepping outside to watch it sweat out and frizz up.

The King of Pop, Micheal Jackson Dies

Published in News
Saturday, 29 August 2009 14:17

On June 25, 2009, America lost a legend. The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was pronounced dead and the world went into shock and disbelief. Even though his death occurred more than two months ago, the rumors of the cause have neither been silenced, nor clarified.