Michele Guobadia

Michele Guobadia

Michelle Guobadia is currently the Associate Dean of Students at UNC Charlotte.  A young black professional looking for direction in her life and making strides to getting exactly what she wants but more importantly…what she deserves.  She currently resides in NC and is happy playing mommy to her new Westie Poo dog Pascal.

She can be contacted at Editor@glossmagazineonline.com.

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Change is Not an Event...It's a Process

Published in Creative Writing
Friday, 05 September 2008 14:04

So you spend a lot of time alone. Not alone as in no friends and solitude and talking to imaginary friends. More like this is my stuff and this is the way I do things and this is where this goes and I like it that way alone. So I have spent a lot of time alone. Some of my own doing and some by circumstance.