Lauren H. Moller

Lauren H. Moller

Lauren H. Moller is a Columbia College Chicago student majoring in magazine journalism and minoring in public relations. She is a new writer for GlossMagazineOnline. Lauren is a passionate and hardworking 22-year-old with the drive to inspire women about managing their finances.

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If The Stock Fits, Buy It!

Published in Finance & Employment
Sunday, 08 May 2011 09:59

How does one persevere when the sting from the market is so severe?

Investing in the stock market is like buying a pair of shoes. Savvy women want an eye-grabbing, heart-stopping and an all-eyes-on-me pair of shoes. A woman wants a pair of shoes that brings her confidence, makes her feel sexy and secure in her own skin, and distinguishes her from the rest of the herd. However, what happens when you realize the shoes you’re wearing aren’t so appealing? Do you try to return them despite the wear and tear? Do you recoil such as from a hot flame? Or, do you search for the next best pair?