Eric Roberson: More Than a Nice Guy

Tuesday, 26 June 2012 20:02 Written by  Iya Bakare

Chicago welcomed back singer, songwriter and producer Eric Roberson with open arms and embraced his soulful tunes for another Erro Experience last week at The Shrine (

The soulful singer paid homage to the city’s house music scene, and the crowd gravitated to the sounds of his hits and popular ‘90s tunes. As he promotes his latest project Mister Nice Guy, he describes it as both comical and lighthearted, much like his personality. With a unique sense of humor and style, Erro maintains a strong focus on his craft, career and his family, much of which he says inspired Mister Nice Guy.

“My wife, being a father, my wife’s pregnancy and the journey it took for me to get where I am now inspired this project,” he comments. “Overall, I draw inspiration from life and I write about the lives of my friends, their journeys and struggles to find love and happiness. In life, there’s so much beauty and love in the world, which offers so much to write about.”

Drawing his musical inspiration from the likes of the soulful Stevie Wonder, the gospel group Commission and the hip hop artists that make up A Tribe Called Quest, the neo soul crooner says he chases to perfect his sound that will reflect a blend of the three influences lyrically and acoustically.

With no intention to make an album as he awaited the birth of his first son, Eric admits Mister Nice Guy was a creative process he enjoyed writing, mainly because it was an involuntary muscle he used when it was created. This is when artists produce some of their most influential work. He advises aspiring artists to get into their work for the love of the craft.

“Get out of the way of yourself and give yourself to your craft, and your rewards will come,” Erro adds.

As he embarks on the rest of The Mister Nice Guy Tour and with another son on the way, the artist promises more albums and organized growth, as he says he aspires to make today better than yesterday on all levels.


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Photo Credit: Kevin Maxie

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