Entrepreneur Establishes Legacy to Give Back to the Community

Thursday, 28 June 2012 06:41 Written by  Iya Bakare

With a keen eye for business and an open heart, philanthropist Tyrone Farley’s laser focus is to plant a seed that will affect change in the community.

“It would be beautiful to get a legacy of getting Americans to help other Americans,” Tyrone comments.

In March 2010, the entrepreneur created the BLINK Campaign in honor of his best friend who committed suicide a week after he discovered he was HIV positive, with aspirations to raise funds and awareness about HIV/AIDS. As a publicist in L.A., Tyrone says he wanted to change the name of the game in fundraising as he witnessed basketball players host charity games and placed bets on games, instead of filtering money back into the community. He started to host A-list red carpet events for the cause.

The St. Louis native, who recently located to Chicago, says he recently decided to change the scope of his organization when he realized he could touch more lives, and Project Awareness came to fruition. The chairman of directors, along with his staff of recent college graduates, seek to bring funds to smaller organizations and work hand-in-hand with HIV/AIDS organizations, shelters, the After School Matters Program and others.

“I’ve lived a vast life and this is my opportunity to give back because I empathize with others and would love to help people,” Tyrone adds.

The philanthropist ventured in the world of entrepreneurship at an early age when he started working at the age of 14, established his own company and co-founded another company with three other friends. With the moral support of family, Tyrone says he received the foundation he needed to start his career and embark on his journey in the business world.

“At 14, rather than going outside to play all the time, I was learning how to write a business plan and learning Robert's Rules of Order,” he comments.

Tyrone aims to assist 200-300 families with insurance, food and housing as a start in Chicago and to eventually increase those numbers. With a goal to help those who others forget or leave for the government to assist, Tyrone says Project Awareness also works to educate people on the facts in the world today through its efforts throughout the community.

For more information on the BLINK Campaign/Project Awareness, visit www.bcawarenessfoundation.org and follow the organization on Twitter at @BlinkCampaign.

Iya Bakare

Iya Bakare

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