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Sunday, 09 November 2008 20:32 Written by  Paris Puckett

Walking into Pivot, a eco-fashion boutique wearing a blended rayon and cotton shirt with cotton and spandex jeans, would be embarrassing amongst quintessential racks of organic cotton button up sweaters, a beige rushed neckline shirt made of lyocell- a by-product of wood-pulp. Instead, I blended right in with green fashion that looked and felt no different.

Fashion - StylesPivot boutique, located at 1101 W Fulton Market is the first eco-fashion boutique to ever open in Chicago in September 2007, promotes and offers a way of smart living. With a fresh perspective regarding fashion, Pivot cares about how fashion is made and believes that fashion can be a major part of the pursuit of the green effect.

“Being a journalist covering fashion, I learned about organic fabrics and designers who contributed to eco-fashion. It made sense to support. Plus, I felt there was a need for Chicago to promote these designers to understand the reality of organic products and that they can be used for fashion,” said Jessa Brinkmeyer, owner of Pivot Boutique.

At Pivot, all designers use organic and or sustainable materials to make chic, wearable, comfortable and fashionable clothing, accessories and gift items. With the ability to be sustainable, fashion can meet the needs of the here and now without having to compromise tomorrow. Fashion can be apart of this creation by using eco-smart fibers such as organic cotton, bamboo and soy. With the use of recycled materials, fashion’s impact on the environment can be lowered while making respectable, stylish fashion statements.

“Here at Pivot, we want people to have a conscience wardrobe without sacrificing fashion for style and comfort,” said Brinkmeyer.

“A lot of people care about what they wear and how they look, but when they come to Pivot, they’re not going to look any different with looks and styles of clothing that you would get at any retail store. The only difference is the material and what’s in it.”

Brinkmeyer believes the fashion industry seems to be really harmful with materials and clothing being worn. Things can be changed as far as taking better care of the environment. What people may not know is that 100% cotton is not as great of a fiber as it’s made out to be. Cotton is heavily sprayed with chemicals versus organic cotton that has no chemicals and is made to be a healthier product.

“Compared to local boutiques in the Chicago area, Pivots clothing is well represented at a good price selling basic tees, sweaters, basic tops, jackets, dresses, accessories and gift items ranging from $35 to $415. People who shop here, don’t care if the clothing is organic. Fashion is fashion and its organic clothing that can be worn for a long time and for good reasons.” Brinkmeyer.

Why not think about going green for fashion? More and more people are starting to take action to help better the environment by being eco-friendly. Going green these day’s isn’t all about eating organic types of food and using recycled grocery bags.


Photography by GMO Photographer Billy Montgomery.  Model: Queen Supreme

Paris Puckett

Paris Puckett

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