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Vonzell “Baby V” Solomon was the second runner-up in the fourth season of the FOX Television series, “American Idol.” From the small town of Fort Meyer, Fla., Vonzell has been doing so much since “American Idol.” She is currently on tour with “Burn the Floor,” a musical traveling across the country, and she has an album coming out this summer.


GlossMagazineOnline (GMO): What have you been doing since “American Idol” ended?

Vonzell Solomon: Well, since “American Idol,” I’m on my fourth tour. I’ve been traveling and touring. I started an independent label called Melodic Records, and I’ve been recording and writing. My album should be coming out this summer. I started a foundation in my hometown for underprivileged kids. I grew up doing martial arts, and my dad has a school under my foundation and we teach a lot of kids. It’s called the Vonzell “Baby V” Solomon Foundation. I’ve just been living life and having fun.

GMO: Has musical theater always interested you?

Vonzell: Yes, I grew up in musical theater, and my first professional job was at a local dinner theater. As a senior in high school, I had to leave school early and perform at the dinner theater. I’ve always had a great interest in musical theater, and it’s always been a passion of mine. One of my aspirations is to be on Broadway one day.

GMO: What’s the concept behind your single “Dirt Bag?”

Vonzell: It’s a true story. Basically the whole song is about the situation and I wrote the song just for therapy. I just recorded it at home in my little studio, and when I got to L.A. to start recording my album, I played it for them, and they were like, “Aw man we want to do ‘Dirt Bag’!” So, they put music behind it and I just recorded it.

GMO: What genre of music are you planning to do?

Vonzell: It’s going to be R&B, pop and soul. So probably like a mixture. I do a lot of Hip Hop as well. I listen to a lot of different music like Soft Rock and Classical music so you might hear a lot of different influences but mainly R&B, Pop and Soul.

GMO: Do you feel “American Idol” has helped you?

Vonzell: Of course! “American Idol” just really took my career to a new height. I was living in a small town in Florida called Fort Myers, delivering mail and singing at restaurants and clubs. I actually released an album before “American Idol” called My Struggle. Once I went to “American Idol,” I went out to L.A. and it just changed my life for the better.

GMO: Is there any advice you have taken with you since your “American Idol” days?

Vonzell: I definitely learned so much, we called it Music 101. We worked with a lot of great people, the band Ricky Minor. Some of the guys we worked with in the band actually toured with the original artist. There was a guy who recorded with Whitney Houston. Just being around those people, they taught us so much. I have been performing all my life, but I’ve never been on TV. When you’re on Idol with all the cameras and lighting, it teaches you how to perform for the cameras; it teaches you how to maintain good vocal health with the vocal teachers. They just taught us a lot about the business and how you have to go after whatever you want—you can’t wait and sit around waiting for things to happen to you. I’ve learned a lot of life lessons through “American Idol.” I run into aspiring singers all the time and they ask should I try out for “American Idol,” and I say most definitely, because you don’t have to win to gain so much. You don’t have to win to have a career in the music business.


GMO: Do you have any advice for aspiring singers?

Vonzell: I would say definitely learn about the music industry. Whatever you want to be—an actor, in musical theater or in the music industry, you need to learn about the business. You need to definitely have vocal training and learn about maintaining vocal health. Even music theory, a lot of singers don’t know music theory definitely helps you hone in on your craft in so many ways. I know in today’s economy, it’s hard to get lessons, but there’s a lot of free information on the internet so just learn as much as you can.

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