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Tuesday, 28 April 2009 19:32 Written by  Jennet Posey

This summer, the Chicago land area will welcome a brand new comedy venue specializing in providing the ultimate comedy experience for the audience as well as the comedian. Laugh Zone, a comedian-inspired venue, will be opening its doors to the public May 2009.

Chicago has been home to several comedian greats such as Richard Pryor and Bernie Mac, so a new comedy venue to a city so rich in history will be welcomed among many Chicagoans.

This establishment will offer comedy goers a front row seat to Chicago and the nation’s most talented comedians, along with a fine dining experience to add a full stomach to a night of laughs.

Unlike most comedy clubs in Chicago, Laugh Zone is owned by a comedian. This unique attribute is a huge factor for the audience, as well as the comedians performing there.

Laugh Zone owner and comedian Terry Dorsey has dreamt of opening a venue of this kind since his days of secretly attending shows at local comedy clubs as a teenager.   

“Sneaking into clubs gave me a peek into the nightlife atmosphere,” says Dorsey.  Since then, he has had a brief career in comedy, and as of late, he has been planning how he could enhance Chicago’s comedy scene.

“I feel that there is a void in Chicago comedy,” says Dorsey. “I have seen it diminish, and people are only putting these clubs up to make money.”

By having experienced both the audience’s perspective and that of the working comedian, Dorsey has placed his emphasis on giving each group the best environment possible.

For the comedians who will perform at Laugh Zone, having a person who knows the business will make it a comedian-friendly environment.

Comedian Jay Deep believes that Dorsey’s venue will be a great success.

“Most comedians know how to treat other comedians; a lot of promoters are full of it,” says Deep. “It’s a good thing that Laugh Zone is owned by a reputable comedian.”

According to Deep, the current comedy scene in Chicago is more of a hustle because of the lack of nightclubs dedicated to comedy in the city.  Most comedy events are just comedy nights at various clubs, banquet halls and hotels.

“You do that to keep working,” explains Deep. “Go to a club to ask for a comedy spot.”

For the public, Laugh Zone may be viewed as a money saver during these harsh economic times. Unlike most venues in the Chicago area, parking is free of charge.

Comedian Meechie Hall likes the south suburban location because he feels that the entire trip will be easier on the comedy club-goers as opposed to traveling downtown.

“The ride downtown is hard on you,” says Hall.

Hall also sees the opening of Laugh Zone as a great investment in Chicago’s urban comedy scene, as well as a great step in the comedy community.  He also believes that the owner also being a comedian will make Laugh Zone favorable amongst comedians.

“We are excited to see a comedian run a comedy club,” says Hall. “This is what we’ve been waiting for.”

For Dorsey, Laugh Zone will give working comedians what they deserve.  He says that many clubs in Chicago charge comedians and are not comedian friendly.  

“As a working comedian, you’re not going to pay to get in to my club,” says Dorsey.

Dorsey also hopes that Laugh Zone will be a platform for Chicago comedians to use to practice material while giving the audience pure comedy.

“This is a top notch city and a top notch industry.”

Jennet Posey

Jennet Posey

Jennet Posey is a GMO staff writer.

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