Behind the Dancer Eyes: Kimberly Gipson

Wednesday, 09 March 2011 16:02 Written by  Brittany Rodgers

Previously seen in Beyonce’s “Ego” video and currently a dance teacher for her company “Kimmestry,” Kimberly Gipson says dreams do come true when you consistently work hard.


Born and raised in New Jersey, Kimberly says she has always enjoyed dancing as a young girl. She didn’t grow up dancing in a studio because she couldn’t afford it but danced in her high school gym class.

“I started off in Go-Go dancing in Las Vegas and that’s where my confidence grew,” she says.

Dancing in casinos led her trying out for the Philadelphia 76ers dance team, which she didn’t make the first time, but eventually made the second time. Dancing eventually led her to her first big audition in Atlanta for Beyonce, who handpicked her to join her team. She had to remain very humble throughout the journey and always had a slice of “humble pie.”

“Being chosen was only the beginning,” Kimberly says, while speaking about how it was dancing for such a high-profile artist.

She says that grew so much as a dancer and performer and understood the meaning of the phrase “go hard or go home.” She said rehearsals were eight-hour days and was similar to boot camp, while living a fast-paced lifestyle.

Aside from Beyonce, she has been in music videos for Drake, Kid Rock and many more.

 She traveled as Beyonce’s dancer on the “I AM World Tour” and could be seen on the DVD and also “Yours Vegas” DVD.

Outside of dancing, she loves teaching young girls to motivate them and help them with self-esteem.

“Kimmestry is the study of self-esteem and the study with dance I created last April,” Kimberly says.

According to Kimberly, the issue with young girls now is they see images on television that don’t remind them of themselves and make them feel less pretty. Therefore, she does mobile dance workshops to show young girls that there are many shades of beauty.

“Everybody feels good after dancing and should apply it to your whole life,” she says.

Kimmestry’s mission is to help with those self-esteem problems and use dance as a way to overcome it, with the hope that they apply it outside of the dance room as well.

If you are a young girl who is trying to get your big break in dancing, finding strength in yourself and working from there is important, Kimberly believes.

Currently, she is rehearsing to go on tour with R&B Singer Ne-Yo and enjoying every moment of it. Not only does she dance but is a model and can also be seen in commercials.

“Once you find out who you are and what your best at, start at that point,” she says. “Believe in yourself and surround yourself around that.”

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