GMO Short Story: Heatwave

Thursday, 26 June 2008 18:36 Written by  Kilah Redditt

My oh my does this taste goooooddd!  This is what I say to myself as the nice cold liquid runs down my throat.  I take another sip.  Um um! It’s so cold! I don’t think I’ve enjoyed water with a slice of lemon this much since…since…well never.  I’ve only been woke since seven, it’s already four, and this is the 12th glass that I’ve had!


This cold liquid, mixed with my dark apartment, all of the windows open, and two fans running should cool me off.  This is the lie I keep telling myself because every time I get up to tinkle out all of the water I’m constantly drinking, I get right back hot!  Stupid man made things are always breaking!  Of course it had to be the air conditioner.

So here I am sitting in the tiniest shorts and thinnest tank top I could find because it’s just that hot.  Where are the a/c people?  They should have been here by now.  They probably off chilling in somebody else’s a/c instead of here fixing mine!  Now now calm down.  You don’t know what these people are doing, but I know whatever they’re doing they’re not as hot as I am.  My thermometer stops at 88 degrees…the little red notch is past that.

All I want is some freaking relief! I know it’s men that have to fix my air…I know cuz they taking their precious time coming to relieve me from this heatwave!  I told them I have a medical condition. I mean a 43-year-old woman going through pre-menopause is a medical condition.  And yes I am having hot flashes––man them mixed with this heat ain’t nothing nice!  I’ve done everything possible to stay cool.  Water, fans, cold bath, stuck my head in the freezer, made ice packs; I’ve even poured water on myself and let the fan dry it up…none of that crap worked.  I’m a have to go get a hotel room just to get some doggone air in my life.  Stupid idiots taking all day, making a woman going through the change suffer through this heat wave in this hot a…BRRRING BRRRING.

“Who is it?”

“It’s the air conditioning people maam.”

Well ain’t it about time?!


*Photo by GMO Photographer Billy Montgomery.

Kilah Redditt

Kilah Redditt

A 2008 journalism graduate of Columbia College Chicago, Kilah Redditt loves creative writing to express her feelings. In addition to writing, she is a self-employed baker.

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